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Launch date24.12.2016
The full launch of the platform!
Jan 10, 2017 14:40

Dear colleagues and all those who joined us. 
Starting today the platform is Powerful Energy stops working in test mode and opens up opportunities for a wide range of people.
The main launch of the program took place on 24 December, then especially it was not advertised. In fact, the platform worked in a mode of beta testing: made the debug workflows, makes the optimization of the account of the investor and other minor amendments. 
Access was open to all, but the program was not widely advertised. 
But even working in this mode, we have achieved impressive results: 
  • We have more than 1200 investors. 
  • Invested tens of thousands of dollars. 
  • Paid more than $ 11,000 in deposits. 
All this tells us is that our company is moving in the right direction and our investment product will be of interest to a wide circle of persons. 
Join the Powerful Energy and will receive the first payment within 1 hour!