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Launch date24.12.2016
About us

The company Powerful Energy works in the field of contactless smart technology. Powerful Energy is one of the first companies that implemented the most innovative solutions in the field of industrial devices, devices for home and mobile technology.

Powerful Energy is a pioneer and leader in market of contactless technology. We are actively implementing them in different segments of the market by granting franchises to third parties. Today, all our patents are used:
• Major manufacturers of mobile devices. We are talking about inductive charging (also known as wireless charging);
• Major international seller of furniture and household items using our patent makes charging easy, fun and convenient, by turning furniture into charging spots;
• Several major manufacturers of accessories use our patents to create cases for phones with integrated batteries and wireless charging;
• In addition to these fields we are working in the market of high-capacity batteries and batteries for very compact devices;
• A separate unit deals with industrial and enterprise solutions.

The platform presented by our company is designed to expand our activities by increasing the funding of current and future developments of the company. Further, we guarantee profit to our investors through the implementation of projects on the basis of our own capacities and the sale of franchises to large companies.

Currently we offer three unprecedented favorable investment proposal. The ability to invest in our company is at all. It does not need to possess certain knowledge, we have tried to do for you the most user-friendly interface of personal study.

Powerful Energy the best way to generate more profits today!

Why invest is profitable?
  • Privacy policyNo personal information is revealed. All your payment details are securely protected.

  • Daily profitYou get a return on your investment within 1 hour after their placement and 365 days a year without a break for the holidays and weekends.

  • Profit and risk assessmentAll risks are minimized. We have a professional team of analysts and experts.

WHY DO YOU CHOOSE Powerful Energy?
  • Versatile and easy

    We offer simple, clear and fairer investment conditions with profitable tariffs.

  • Competitiveness

    At the moment, our company in fact has no significant competitors in this area, which gives us opportunities to generate income.

  • Privacy policy

    No personal information is revealed. All your payment details are securely protected.

  • Safe and secure

    Powerful Energy uses most secure advanced encryption protocols and is housed on a secure dedicated server.

  • Remote earnings

    You can get your profit after full 24 hours (365 days a year without breaks, holidays and weekends) since your deposit was added to account.

  • Instant payments

    We offer a wide range of payment systems. You may use system both in automated and semi-automated modes.

  • InstaPowerful - our channel!
    Now we've got our own channel on the popular social network Instagram!
  • The announcement of the new tariff
    Friends, in the coming days will launch a special plan for beginners
    Ребята. Проект платит стабильно. Автоматика на вывод. Советуем всем. Рефбек 100%...
  • alina
    Давно ищу заработок, перепробовала уже все что только возможно. Курсов купила больше сотни и только здесь у меня...